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Headshots - Austin, Texas

What is a Headshot?

A portrait that highlights a person’s face, composed from the chest up and features their expression. It is less about fashion and more about the subject’s facial features. A solid professional headshot has a shelf life of 5 years to a lifetime.

What is a Profile Portrait?

A Profile Portrait is a headshot of higher quality than the typical selfie that is used to increase the number of clicks a profile receives. It is the online first impression. It's designed for LinkedIn, company websites and email signatures.

How much does it cost for a Headshot?

It can cost anywhere from $100 to $350 for a headshot or Profile Portrait. The cost covers the photographer's time, studio time and the prints or the digital file. A headshot only used online is more cost effective than purchasing the high resolution file.

What should I wear for my headshot / head shot?

Solid simple fashion that does not distract from your main message and your smile. Black is slimming and photographs well.

What should be avoided for a headshot photo session?

Avoid bright colors, red lipstick, patterns, stripes, graphics, dots, busy ties, loud shirts and too much skin. We recommend wearing black, gray or white solid dress shirt with a blazer and solid black or gray tie.

What is a good background for a business headshot?

A simple white or gray background with a company shirt or professional business attire. The white background can be separated from the subject allowing use with other graphics.

What are the different types of Headshots/ Head shots?

  • Corporate Brochures, Catalogs (Advertising Material)
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Company Website (Internal/External)
  • Articles Newspapers
  • Email Newsletters
  • Casting Websites
  • Annual Reports
  • Press Releases
  • Online Dating
  • Author Pages
  • Biographies
  • Résumé

What are the different types of Headshots/ Head shots?

Entertainment, Acting, Actors, Modeling, Corporate or Business Headshots, Speakers, Celebrities, Presenters, Government Officials, Law Enforcement, Military Leaders etc.

Do I need make-up or a hair stylist professionally done?

A good headshot can be used for the next 5 years. We highly recommend getting make-up and hair styled right before session. However, if you are needing to save some money you can opt out of having the make-up and hair styled professionally. This is not a requirement.

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