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Minimum Deposit | Photographer Austin, Texas


Little Details


You have the option of paying in full or paying the minimum deposit of $49 to schedule a session, reserve a service, or reserve rental equipment for a specific time period.


Not all sessions, services and equipment reservations are treated the same. Please review the deposit requirements for that specific session, service or equipment you are making the deposit for. Some require full payment before the photographer starts his/her work.

Some sessions allow for a review at the end of the session before the full payment is required. Some payments require cash only and some require only credit card to be used with a certain balance on it, no cash.

A Deposit

This is a deposit, meaning that when the final payment is made, this amount will be deducted from the total owed.

Real Quick

The minimum amount of payment required to schedule a session, service or equipment rental.

  • Deducted from total bill.
  • Refunds are available.
  • Paid in advance.


We use PayPal for secure, safe, online transactions.


Please review the refund policy that addresses the type of session, service or equipment you are requesting. Some allow for a (3) day cancellation notice for a 100% refund of your deposit and some require a
(5) day ancellation notice for a 100% return of your deposit.

There is a chance that if you wait too long to cancel, that none of the deposit will be refunded. We will do our best to reschdule.

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