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Large Event (6-8 hrs)

Event Photo Sessions | Photographer Austin, Texas


Little Details


This photo session is ideal for a corporate event that needs great looking photos of their major events for social media and to say thanks to all attendees. The photographer will cover the event up to 8 hours.

Make sure to have a professional photographer at your event and get photos you’ll actually want to share online. Use the photos for social media and your marketing efforts. This is a great messaging tool for your company newsletter and Facebook page.

We provide a photo journalistic style of coverage which is very informal. Our photographers know that they are not supposed to be apart of the event but more like an unseen attendee.

They are to stay out of the way and capture moments as they happen. There may be moments the photographer misses that’s why it so important to coordinate with them as soon as possible.

Types of Events

Trade Shows, Company Gatherings, Promotional Events, Ceremonial Events, Award Ceremony, Corporate Events, Group Gatherings, Family Gatherings


There is a limit to the number for this session up to (8) family members in the photograph. If individual portraits or couple sessions are requested additional sessions will need to be discussed and purchased. If time permits we will photograph sub groups of no less than (3) without additional time or payment. Our top priority is a nice group photo.

Additional Time

Some events may require our photographer to be their early in order to get the necessary passes and the position they need to provide appropriate coverage. Additional time will be billed at an hourly rate.

Please Consider

A room or area the photographer can use to secure their equipment. What photos/moments are important and why (it helps with telling the story)

Custom Requests

If you have custom requests that cost then you’ll be expected to provide the budget or make the purchase yourself.

We’ll provide a rought estimate for us to take care of the request. The client is required to cover the expense for any custom props, wardrobe, additional talent, special location. All will be discussed prior to the session, approval will be received or nothing will get purchased. All purchases made will require client’s approval unless a budget is established and approval rights have been granted to the photographer.


Avoid patterns, stripes, polka dots, text any type of designs. Keeping the clothing solid is key. The clothing will set the tone of the photo. Gray solid dress shirts look nice without a jacket. Earth tones, grays, light and dark all look good on men. Women look good in a cream color when the man wears these items. Keeping the group in similar colors, they don’t have to be exactly the same, will create a sense of one team, unity.

Real Quick

A professional photographer will cover your event and will provide an online photo gallery for you and your attendees to enjoy and purchase photos from.

  • Up to (6-8 hrs) Appointment Duration
  • (Up to 200) Proofs Online
  • (15) Days Proofing Gallery
  • (3) Locations (25 Miles)
  • (5) Days - View Results
$49 Minimum Deposit *Option

Minimum Deposit

Make a deposit of $49 per session to secure the session time and date. Just pay the remaining balance at the end of your photo session, once you’ve previewed the photos and satisfied with the results.


Let the photographer know if there are special moments taking place during the event i.e. awards, announcements, promotions, or surprise moments. Make sure to have a plan in place so our photographer can be in position.

This is a very informal photo session the photographer will be more than happy to photograph groups and attendees informally. If a request is made for a formal group, couple or individual photo additional sessions will need to be purchased.

Additional Time

Some events may require our photographer to be their early in order to get the necessary passes and the position they need to provide appropriate coverage. Additional time will be billed at an hourly rate the same as our Planning review is.

Refunds & Reschedules

Sometimes life happens and you need to cancel or reschedule. You get one reschedule at no charge after that there is an additional cost of the minimum deposit.

To get a full refund for your scheduled sessions, cancel more than 3 days (72 hours) in advanced. Please see below:

100% ‐ (+72) Hours
50% ‐ (48-72) Hours
0% ‐ (-48) Hours

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    (41-99) People

Events Sessions

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    (7-8) Hours

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