Eric Wilson


I'm a military trained, country boy who is pretty easy going and enjoys the sound of a southern accent. I've had the pleasure of directing 4 Star Generals and puking my guts up in a Black Hawk, during a game of mid-air laser tag with a F15 in Bavarian airspace. I've photograph– ed over 1,000 events, a World Series and even stood in the winner′s circle at NASCAR. After flying in fighter jets and helicopters, I've discovered I have just as much fun photographing people. I'm a creative type with high standards when it comes to photographs. My moto is "Selfie's are for slackers if you're a leader look like one." I've been behind the camera for over 18 years and will die behind one. So, if you want it done right, hire right. Thanks for reading.

Hidden Studios

By Appointment Only

Anyone who has ever tried to find our studio typically has to call for more help because the sign is hidden behind tree limbs. So we′ve given it an appropiate name "Hidden Studios". This is a shared space with F16 Photography (which is the actual name on the sign). The studio is located near Trudy′s in a business center on the corner of Polaris Avenue and Burnet Road right across from a Uhaul and Taco Cabana.
You'll need an appointment to visit the studio.

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