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Editor Review (100-300 Photos)

Expert Services |Photographer Austin, Texas


Little Details

  • Services
  • 15+ Years - Professional Photography
  • 15+ Years - Editing Photos
  • 10+ Years - Graphic Design
  • Review 100-500 Photos


It can be challenging to go through a large mass of photos and be finding the top (25). Our photographer will take the time to go through your photos with you to conduct a full review with you to help narrow down your choices.

An experienced photographers can identify the features that make you look your best. It’s the job of the photographer to make sure you look your best in any photo that goes public.

During the Photo Editor Review, it’s your opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from someone who is a neutral party. They are a resource that can guide you towards picking stronger photos of yourself.

The better your photos look in the world, the better you look. This is a great way to get educated on what to look for when you are reviewing your photos.


The photographer will first go through and pick out the strongest photos of the session. Then they discuss the benefits of each photo to give a feel for what they like the most. A discussion between the you and the photographer will take place to determine the strongest 3 photos.

If the client is unavailable then the strongest 3 will be set aside along with the others to be posted online or sent client for final approval.

Real Quick

After your photo session the photographer will sit down to review your photos with you.

  • Provide Photo Review/Recommendations


If for some reason you are unable to conduct an Editorial Review just let us know. We are able to conduct on online as well using Google Technology.

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