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Austin Goes Mafia

Weird Photo Sessions | Photographer Austin, Texas


Little Details


In true Austin form Profile Portraits is Keeping it Weird! So grab your weapon of choice and join the Austin Goes Mafia family. We photograph you in your signature pose with your preferred peace maker. Once you've been photographed we work our digital magic and drop you into one unforgettable Austin Goes Mafia street scene.

This is no hack phoney filter, photochop job. We drop you in like the true professionals we are, seamlessly, with epic photoshop skills fit for any film critic.

Studio Session

This is a by appointment only, walk in ready and do all your own stunts type of photo shoot. We photograph you in our hidden studio on a white seamless with over 2000 watts of daylight. Get plenty of sleep, pack lunch and don't forget your juice box this shoot is no family portrait session on the beach.

Choose Your Scene

Walk in with a good idea of what scene you want to be dropped into. It will help the photographer direct you into a pose that visually vibes with the current layout. Make sure to stretch, yoga, and rotate before you bless the AGM set.

Weapon of Choice

Something that looks visually impressive. Get creative. We've got a limited supply in house you can choose from. Please, no real guns. You'd be surprised...on second thought no you wouldn't.


Dark solid clothing that looks mafia. Start with a nice black or gray solid dress shirt. Avoid patterns, stripes, polka dots, text and any type of designs. Keeping your clothing solid is key. You want to match the scene with the other members in the print.

Custom Requests

The client covers the expense for any custom props, wardrobe, additional talent, special location. This will be discussed prior to the session. All purchases made will require client’s approval unless a budget is established and approval rights are given to the photographer.

Make–Up & Hair

Invest a little time and money in your appearance by hiring a make-up artist and hair stylist and increase your chances of creating that one photo you use for the next (3-5) years.

Real Quick

Austin Goes Mafia Photo Shoot

  • (1 hr) Appointment Duration
  • (15) Day Online Gallery
  • (25) Photo Proofs
  • (0) Wardrobe Changes
  • Location: Studio
$49 Minimum Deposit *Option

Minimum Deposit

Make a deposit of $49 per session to secure the session time and date. Just pay the remaining balance at the end of your photo session, once you’ve previewed the photos and satisfied with the results.


An injury release will need to be signed before the session starts. If you get hurt Profile Portraits and the studio will not be held liable the stunts you choose to attempt are at your own risk.


Sometimes life happens and you need to cancel. To get a full refund for your scheduled sessions, cancel more than 3 days (72 hours) in advanced. Please see below:

100% ‐ (+72) Hours
50% ‐ (48-72) Hours
0% ‐ (-48) Hours

Current Specials

Portrait Sessions


  • Exec

  • Pro

  • Basic

  • Actor

  • Senior

  • Kid


  • Top Two (Leadership)

  • Couples/Engagement

  • Just Two


  • Small

    (3-15) People
  • Medium

    (16-40) People
  • Large

    (41-99) People

Events Sessions

  • Small

    (1-3) Hours
  • Medium

    (4-6) Hours
  • Large

    (7-8) Hours

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