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Professional Photo Session ($100+)

Expert Services | Photographer Austin, Texas


Little Details

  • Services
  • 15+ Years of Military Photography
  • 15+ Years of Portrait Photography
  • 10+ Years of Graphic Design
  • 10+ Years in Photo Studio


The rate is dependent on a few factors experience level, the amount of risk and the complexity of the situation. If it’s a high pressure, high risk photo session where experience is critical then the rate will be higher.

For example if the photo shoot has the photographer shooting out of a helicopter, in unfriendly territory working with high profile individuals who are accustom to certain amenities then the rate would differ to that of a small family being photographed in a nearby park for (30) minutes.

If our sessions do not address your needs, we would be happy to discuss the details of your request provide a final quote that will be based on the complexity of your requested photo session.

The Estimate

Our professional photography price estimate includes the complexity and safety considerations in it. We could quote ($100) or ($500) for Professional Photography Services where both sessions could take less than hour to complete.

If for some reason more time is required we will inform the client of the additional costs required.

Real Quick

This is an estimated cost to hire a professional photographer for an hour. The cost can increase based on risk and complexity of the situation they are being put in.


The rate of this session covers the photographer's:

  • Insurance (Personal & Business)
  • State & Federal Taxes
  • Experience Level
  • Take Home Pay


We understand that our client’s time is critical and we know how much you, your boss, and your client value their time. We’ll get it right the first time.

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