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Retouch Session (Hourly)

Expert Services |Photographer Austin, Texas


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We want our client′s to look as natural as possible. We highly recommend make-up and having your hair styled before being photographed. Unfortunetly technology and optics have moved into the high definition capabilities and now they are so effective they create a hyper sharp, hyper realistic image. Retouching and Make-up are ways to address that highly defined photo. A good Make-Up Specialist can give you a natural, refreshed look.

Depending on where your photo will be shown and how many you variations you need. You can actually save more money by having make-up and hair done professionally rather than having to a few photos retouched


Just let us know the areas you'd like addressed. We'll retouch the concern areas and send them to you for review. We will

Real Quick

A retouching expert will retouch your photos.

  • 15+ Years of Digital Design (Adobe Photoshop)
  • 10+ Years of Graphic Design
  • 15+ Years of Photography


Little imperfections can get in the way of strong portrait. It's important to let us your concerns there may be retouching that is required.

Retouch Price List

  • Retouch
    Small Retouch (1-10 Min) $15.00
    Med Retouch (10-30 Min) $30.00
    Advanced Retouch (30-60) $89.99
    Element (Add/Subtract/Edit) $100.00
  • Eyes
    Eyes (Brighten the Eyes, Soften Crows feet) $3.00
    Eyes (Reduce/Soften Bags) $4.00
    Eyes (Catch Light Correction/Enhancement) $5.00
    Eyes (Reshape Eyebrows) $7.00
    Eyes (Correct Lazy Eye) $10.00
    Eyes (Thicken Eyelashes) $3.00
    Eyes (Red Eye Removal) $1.00
    Eyes (Fill in Eyebrows) $3.00
    Eyes (Resize Eyes) $5.00
  • Ears/Nose/Mouth
    Ears (Reshape Ears) $5.00
    Nose (Clean Skin) $1.00
    Nose (Resize Nostrils) $3.00
    Nose (Reshape) $4.00
    Mouth (Soften Smile Lines) $1.00
    Mouth (Whiten Teeth) $3.00
    Mouth (Correct Tooth) $5.00
    Mouth (Enhance Lip Color) $3.00
    Mouth (Resize Lips) $5.00
  • Face & Neck
    Skin (Remove Red Spots and Unwanted Moles) $5.00
    Skin (Groom Facial Hair) $3.00
    Skin (Reduce Wrinkles) $5.00
    Skin (Reduce Redness) $5.00
    Skin (Remove Shine) $4.00
    Neck (Lengthen Neck) $10.00
    Neck (Reduce/Remove Neck Weight) $15.00
    Neck (Fill In/Reduce Facial Hair) $5.00
    Neck (Resize Chin) $5.00
  • Torso
    Shirt/Top (Enhance Color and Texture) $5.00
    Shirt/Top (Lengthen Sleeves) $5.00
    Shirt/Top (Reduce Wrinkles) $10.00
    Shirt/Top (Straighten Collar) $5.00
    Shirt/Top (Adjust Tie) $5.00
    Torso (Broaden/Reduce Shoulder Width) $5.00
    Torso (Cleavage Line) $2.00
    Torso (Chest Size) $5.00
    Torso (Waist Line) $5.00
    Torso (Stomach) $3.00
  • Arms
    Arms (Brighten/Darken Skin) $3.00
    Arms (Reduce Spots/Acne) $3.00
    Arms (Reduce Wrinkles) $5.00
    Arms (Adjust Size) $5.00
    Hands (Color Balance) $3.00
    Hands (Reduce Spots/Acne) $3.00
    Hands (Reduce Veins/Wrinkles) $5.00
    Hands (Adjust Jewlery) $5.00
    Hands (Resize Hands) $5.00
  • Legs
    Legs (Enhance Skin Tone) $5.00
    Legs (Reduce Spots/Acne) $5.00
    Legs (Reduce Wrinkles) $5.00
    Legs (Adjust Size) $5.00
    Pants/Bottoms (Enhance Color and Texture) $5.00
    Pants/Bottoms (Reduce Wrinkles) $10.00
    Pants/Bottoms (Lengthen/Shorten) $5.00
    Shoes (Brighten/Reduce Shine) $3.00
    Shoes (Adjust Size) $3.00

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