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Proof Processing (500-1000 photos)

Expert Services | Photographer Austin, Texas


Little Details

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  • Retouching


Shooting (500-1000) photos takes less time than the proof processing. Processing photos into proofs is where a lot of time, effort and experience is spent. Turning (1000) photos into (100) quality proofs for Art Director or an Agency to review is where descisions become critical. We save your team time by removing the blinks, blurred and bad photos. When we are finished the only photos left are the ones you or your client want to spend any time considering.

Our Policy

We take our photography very serious. We do not release any raw, unprocessed photos. All photos created by our photographer go through a certain level of quality control and review process. All photo rights are managed.


Proof Processing does not include retouching. That is additional skill set and expense that must be considered and paid for by the client.

More Time

If more time is required we will inform the client of the additional costs required if necessary.

Real Quick

This covers proof processing. Turning 500 photos into a smaller number of proofs for client review..

  • 15+ Years of Digital Processing Experience
  • Convert/Resize RAW to .jpg
  • Upload and Storage 5Gb+
  • Color Correct
  • Crop


If you need editorial support that's more specialized please consider Editor Review or our Colorist Session service.

Current Specials

Expert Services

  • Pro Photographer

  • Editorial Review

  • Colorist Session

  • Retouch Review

  • Digital Processing

  • Location Scout

  • Planning Session

  • Wall Reivew

  • Website Review

  • Retouch Session

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