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Make-Up Specialist

Studio Services | Photographer Austin, Texas


Little Details


It doesn't matter if your a man or a woman, if you walk in front of a camera you need make-up. Today's HD lenses capture every detail of the face, good and not so good. It captures everything from dry skin to the redness in your nose. A Make-Up Specialist addresses all of this and more. They can add shadow to certain areas to thin out the face or to mask problem areas. Hiring a specialist is far more cost effective than paying the retouching fees.

Investing a little time and money in your appearance by hiring a make-up artist and hair stylist and increase your chances of creating that one photo you use for the next (3-5) years.

Additional Time Required

When a Make-Up Specialist is requested, then your appointment time will be extended a minimum of 30 minutes to allow time for you have your make-up professionally applied. If a Hair Stylist is requested then another 30 minutes will be added to your appointment time.

Special Requests

If a certain facial feature needs attention or enhanced, please bring it up to the Make-up Specialist. They will be able to dimenish or even enhance the feature with make-up. At the very least they will collaborate with photographer to make sure your concerns are addressed.


Please show up ready to have make-up applied. Leave your main clothes on a hanger and be ready to get dressed once your Make-Up Specialist has completed.

Real Quick

Get the make-up professionally done that looks good on camera.

  • Professional Make-Up
  • (30) Minute Session


Make-sure to come with clean skin and all of your orginal make-up removed.


Sometimes life happens and you need to cancel. To get a full refund for your scheduled sessions, cancel more than 5 days in advanced. Please see below:

100% ‐ (5) Days
50% ‐ (48-72) Hours
0% ‐ (-48) Hours

Current Specials

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