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Studio Services | Photographer Austin, Texas


Little Details


Need some extra hands. We’ll send someone out to help lift equipment and get your shoot going in the right direction. Our assistance will have some assistance experience before we send them to you. You will need to provide some training on your equipment and how you need them to act while shooting. Their computer experience will vary. If you have any special request, please ask as soon as possible and we'll find the right assistant for you and your project.


We want to make sure our assistance get at least a 15 minute break every four hours and their meal breaks are no shorter than 1 hour. If you need them to use their vehicle to run errands, you'll need to compensate them for the use of their vehicle.

Dress & Appearance

Ensure to consider how you would like your assistant to dress. We highly recommend a polo shirt as the standard. Then shorts or pants depending on the weather with the appropiate shoes.

Real Quick

When you need help on big assignments we've got an assistant for you.

  • Able to lift 50lbs
  • Friendly Professional
  • Hourly to Daily
  • (0) Wardrobe Changes
  • Experience (Varies)
$49 Minimum Deposit *Option

Minimum Deposit

Make a deposit of $49 to secure the show time and date of your assistant. Just pay the remaining balance at the end of your photo session directly to the assistant in cash.


Try to give as much information about the project/shoot as possible to prepare your assistant/s.


Sometimes life happens and you need to cancel. To get a full refund for your scheduled assistant, please cancel more than (5) days in advanced. Please see below:

100% ‐ (5) Days
50% ‐ (3) Days
0% ‐ (2) Days

Current Specials

Studio Services

  • Wardrobe Specialist

  • Make-Up Specialist

  • Hair Stylist

  • Talent/Models

  • Assistant

  • Driver

  • Studio Space Rental

  • Studio Kit Rental

  • Location Set-Up

  • Set Designer

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