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Talent for Hire Hourly

Studio Services | Photographer Austin, Texas




Take the opportunity to bring in some talent to be photographed at your place of business with your newest product or services. A small investment up front will greatly increase the effectiveness and reach of the photos online.

Events & Trade Shows

If you are promoting a new product hire promotional models to draw attention to your product. That investment shouldn't stop at the tradeshow. Hire us to come out and take photos of your product and your promotional models and use that in your online marketing campaigns.

Custom Requests

The client covers the expense for any custom props, and specialty wardrobe. If the model has an outfit that meets your requirements they will do their best to accommodate. It's up to the client to provide wardrobe they there are very specific guidelines. Not all models have a two piece suit. This will be discussed prior to the project. All purchases made will require client’s approval unless a budget is established and approval rights are given to the photographer.


Please inform the model of what you prefer them wearing and what the assignment's objectives are. Examples are highly recommended. The model or talent has the right to refuse extreme wardrobe requirements.

Props & Custom Requests

All expenses for props or custom items must be covered in full, up front by the client.

Real Quick

We′ll have one model or a group of models ready to support your event or photoshoot in Austin and San Antonio,Texas area.

  • Male or Female
  • Model/Promotional Modeling
  • Age (Varies)
  • Ethnicity (Varies)
  • Skillset (Varies)

Payment Method

Full Payment required a minimum of (3) days in advance. Tips based on performance are optional.


Every (2) hours of work model(s) get a 10 minute break and every 4 hours a 1 hour meal break. Please plan and schedule accordingly.

Results Vary

Our goal is to provide you with someone who can increase awareness around the service or product you′re offering. We do our best to accomodate your request. The model's age, ethnicity, height, hair style etc. will vary we only guarantee the model's gender.


Sometimes life happens and you need to cancel. To get a full refund for your scheduled sessions, cancel more than (5) days in advanced. Please see below:

100% ‐ (5) Days
50% ‐ (3) Days
0% ‐ (2) Days

Join the Team

If you would to join our team and make extra money modeling or doing promtional work click on the follwoing link and Model Locally!

Current Specials

Studio Services

  • Wardrobe Specialist

  • Make-Up Specialist

  • Hair Stylist

  • Talent/Models

  • Assistant

  • Driver

  • Studio Space Rental

  • Studio Kit Rental

  • Location Set-Up

  • Set Designer

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